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Supporting the reintegration of trafficked persons: a guidebook for the greater Meking sub-region


Auteurs : Nexus Institute | UN-ACT | World Vision

This guidebook is based on the findings of the regional reintegration study, After trafficking: Experiences and challenges in the (re)integration of trafficked persons in the GMS. The research explored the real life experiences and needs of more than 250 men, women and children from the six GMS countries who were exploited for sexual exploitation, labour, begging and forced marriage as they sought to recover and move on with their lives after trafficking. The objective of this research was to understand the individual reintegration experiences of trafficked persons in different countries in the GMS – what was positive, what was less successful and what might be done in the future to either replicate good practices or avoid problematic ones.
This guidebook was developed to share key research findings about the different assistance needs of trafficking victims with service providers and policy makers who may not have the time or opportunity to review the full research study. It summarises and distils research findings – including assistance needs identified by trafficking victims and key challenges faced in the provision of each type of reintegration service – and then offers a checklist for each service area which offers guidance to programmers and policy makers on how to offer high quality reintegration services including with specific consideration in the case of children. This overarching guidance can be used by organisations and institutions as they design and implement programmes and assistance protocols.

The guidebook is intended for service providers who are designing, implementing and managing reintegration programmes in the GMS. This includes social workers
and social assistants, psychologists and counsellors, medical staff, lawyers and paralegals, educators and trainers, administrators, income generation specialists, programme managers and so on. The guidebook can also be used by service providers in other countries and regions to enhance reintegration interventions, in line with the interests and experiences of trafficked persons.

  • Réintégration
Population Ciblée
  • Professionnels en lien avec la lutte contre la traite
Focus géographique
  • Asie de l'Est et du Pacifique
  • Asie du Sud

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