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Study on reviewing the functioning of Member States’ National and Transnational Referral Mechanisms


Auteurs : Union Europénne

The current study is a key action of the 2017 Commission Communication stepping up EU action to address trafficking in human beings21, under Priority B – Improving access to and realisation of the rights of the victims of trafficking in human beings.

The current report is the result of this EU-wide effort, encompassing an extensive review of available sources and fieldwork in 28 EU Member States, conducted in accordance with the Tender Specifications and feedback from the European Commission. The report consists of four main chapters:
• Chapter 1 describes in more detail the objectives and scope of the Study, as well as the methodology applied.
• Chapter 2 provides a brief description of the EU legal and policy framework to address THB and explains the role of formal or informal NRMs and TRMs.
• Chapter 3 reviews the functioning of formal or informal NRMs in Member States, including with respect to a wide range of relevant documents at national level, such as legal and policy instruments; institutional arrangements; victim detection and identification practices; referral pathways; short-term and long-term assistance
and support to victims, including in criminal proceedings; and the procedures for return to the country of origin or previous residence.
• Chapter 4 focuses on TRMs, describing the various TRMs that have been developed in EU Member States as part of EU-funded projects, as well as the approaches on the ground in Member States, including other forms
of cross-border cooperation with respect to referral of victims.

  • Décrets et autres instruments juridiques
  • Monitoring et évaluation des politiques publiques sur la traite
  • Stratégies et plans d’action
  • Mécanisme National d’Orientation des victimes
  • Coopération internationale / régionale / bilatérale
Population Ciblée
  • Autorités nationales anti-TEH
  • Chercheurs et universitaires
Focus géographique
  • Europe

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