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Position Paper on Age Assessment in the Context of Separated Children in Europe


Auteurs : Save the Children International

This Paper represents the position of the SCEP on age assessment in the context of separated children in Europe. In particular, it aims to provide concrete recommendations to States and other relevant stakeholders on how to ensure full respect of the rights that separated children are entitled to, when doubts concerning their age may arise. This Paper represents the basis on which SCEP will pursue advocacy around age assessment in Europe.
SCEP’s positions presented in this Paper are based on the current situation concerning laws, policies and practices related to age assessment in Europe, primarily as it resulted from a review undertaken by SCEP in 16 European countries4. The bibliography in this Paper identifies some further reports and studies that are relevant in the area and that have informed this document (Annex 2). Further details concerning examinations currently applied to assess the age of separated children in Europe are contained in Annex 1.

  • Détection et identification des victimes
  • Mesures spécifiques pour les enfants
  • Violences à l’égard des enfants
Population Ciblée
  • Enfants
  • Professionnels en lien avec la lutte contre la traite
Focus géographique
  • Europe

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