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National Referral Mechanisms : joining efforts to protect the rights of trafficked persons


Auteurs : Organisation pour la sécurité et la coopération en Europe (OSCE)

This handbook provides guidance on how to design and implement sustainable
mechanisms and structures to combat human trafficking and support victims. It also provides guidance on how to monitor and build the capacity of such mechanisms and structures.
A set of such measures has been developed into a concept of National Referral Mechanisms (NRM). They are intended to provide a practical tool for the countries in the OSCE region and beyond to meet challenges connected to trafficking in human beings. OSCE participating States, OSCE field operations, and civil society are all called upon to develop and implement NRMs or fulfill important functional elements thereof. NRMs have been designed and implemented in several countries, and this handbook also reflects practical experiences gained. As with any set of measures addressing this complex challenge, no single strategy or mechanism will suffice.
Responses must continue to be adapted to emerging problems, and experiences must be taken into account. The ODIHR therefore hopes that this publication will be a valuable resource and looks forward to feedback on its contents in order to further develop and refine the concept and to provide assistance in this regard.

  • Stratégies et plans d’action
  • Protection des victimes
  • Partenariat
Population Ciblée
  • Organisations internationales
  • Professionnels en lien avec la lutte contre la traite
Focus géographique
  • Europe
  • Monde

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