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Data and research on human trafficking: A global survey


Auteurs : Organisation Internationale pour la Migration (OIM)

This volume originates from a conference held in Rome in May 2004, organized by the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) Research Division and hosted by the Government of Italy. The conference aimed to assess the state of trafficking research after a decade of substantial growth in publications on the subject. The papers in this volume provide a broad overview of current research and data on trafficking in various regions globally. While nine articles focus on specific regions, three explore research methods. These regional papers evaluate the type and quality of existing research, discuss priorities for further studies, and assess the availability and quality of trafficking data. Some articles, particularly by Tydlum and Brunovskis, Andrees and van der Linden, and Brennan, delve into challenges and improvements in research methodologies and data collection techniques. The difficulty of studying “hidden populations,” including victims, traffickers, and illegal migrants, is highlighted as a significant challenge. This publication aims to address past criticisms of trafficking research by proposing ways to enhance the robustness of research methods. The volume also includes a human trafficking bibliography organized by region and a meeting summary on “Identifying and serving child victims of trafficking” in the Notes and Commentary Section.

  • Crime organisé
  • Migration
  • Données sur la traite
  • Données sur les tendances de la traite
  • Recherches sociologiques
Population Ciblée
  • Organisations internationales
  • Professionnels en lien avec la lutte contre la traite
Focus géographique
  • Monde

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